We at Anchor of Hope Healing Rooms, Inc., have a heart for the lost and sick and are trained to minister to them. We are called by God and yield to the Holy Spirit. We are members, in good standing at local churches. We draw daily from the Word of God and prayer, and we continually give God glory and praise for the healing and restoration He has done in our lives and others. We give freely of our time and resources so others will come to know His love and compassion for them and experience the healing power of God as we have. Further, our intent is to unite, equip, and empower the body of Christ, to raise up leaders, to bring God’s healing power to the World.

Partnering with God to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, bring Jesus’ truth to the World by starting with one person at a time; that we build leaders and they go forth and build leaders. Training and equipping others in building the Kingdom of God on earth by helping God’s people grow in mind body and spirit and walk in God’s plan of integrity, love and unity. It’s about building the Kingdom right where we are.

To restore wholeness in body, mind and spirit to all people; unite equip and empower the body of Christ to raise up leaders and to bring God’s healing power to the World.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” John8:36