Well, my friends, what are we going to do to make today  better  for those in our sphere of influence? How are we going to spend our energy?
Seems the dark wants us to stay focused on the dark… that’s his only play, Let’s choose not to join in.
For today, let’s give each other a smile, a hand, a prayer. Let’s refuse to defend or accuse. Let’s allow our love to be real. ¬†Want to change the world? Stop biting at the tactics of the enemy and start living in the grace of God.
As we receive His unmerited, undeserved grace, we are able to allow that same grace to flow from us.  We can only give from our overflow.
Or one may say, garbage in, garbage out. Turn off the news, turn off Facebook if you must. Turn off the noise of the world.
Choose to take love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, peace in so that we can give love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and peace out.
Let’s don’t be so incensed by lies and misrepresentation others are speaking over us. Let’s be invigorated by the Truth, the Only One,
the Most High God is speaking over us and into us.
Peace in y’all, it’s the only way to give peace out.