Happy New Year to each and everyone of you out there.  Here’s hoping you had a great beginning to an awesome year yet to come. I’m praying that as we keep our eyes focused on the Lord, we’ll accomplish what He wants us to do each and every day.
This is the time of year people make those wonderful resolutions,  trying to eat less and work off those pounds they put on over the holidays. I’ve never really set any expectations on myself for things like that because I know, nine times out of ten, I’ll fail.  This year however, I am challenging myself to get better at blogging.
People also begin thinking on end time scenarios, especially with things being seen all around us. The weather, wars and rumors of wars, frequency of earthquakes around the world, the politics of the world governments and Israel etc. Fear creeps in and we focus on, what will we do and what’s going to happen.  As I was having quiet time and reading my devotions, I ran across an article that spoke on this subject.  Here’s an excerpt from author, Rick Renner, entitled, “A Special Message About Living in the Last Days.”
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear:
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:17
Living in the last days requires that we have a greater sensitivity to the Spirit of God.  Romans 8:14 declares that one of the privileges of being a son of God is that the Spirit of God leads us.
In these last days, we must be led by the Holy Spirit.  However, the Holy Spirit will lead us only if we give Him this right. Oh, how many times the Spirit of God has wanted to be our Leader, but we went our own way and ultimately suffered the consequences! He knew exactly how to lead us past every attack. He knew how to avoid each strategy of the devil.
Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would “…shew you things to come”  (John 16:13).  The Greek word is odegeo and is the word for a guide who shows a traveler the safest course through an unknown country.  This means the Holy Spirit is our Guide. He knows the way we should go. He understands how to avoid every trap and obstacle along the way. When we are going into an area we’ve never been before, the Holy Spirit wants to show us how to take the safest route.  He knows exatly how to get us safely to our future point of destination. The Holy Spirit knows the future and wants to enlighten us with all the information we need in every situation.l This is part of His ministry to you and me.
As we obey the Word of God and listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading, we will have wisdom to know every step we need to take in the days ahead.  All we have to do is obey God’s instructions, and He guarantees us blessing and provision even in difficult times.  But if we try to take another approach, there is no guarantee for us to claim.  We must do what God says if we want to be assured of His divine blessing and protection.
I want to encourage you to increase your level of faith, especially if you are facing challenging times. Stand on the Word of God; exercise your faith; listen to the Holy Spirit; and obey what He tells you to do. As you do these things, God’s supernatural blessings will kick into action, and you will soon find a river of supernatural provision flowing to youl
There is no doubt that we are living in some of the most challenging days the world has ever seen.  But you can face these times victoriously because  God has given you a sound mind; He has given you the promises of His Word; and He has given you the leadership of His Spirit.  Never has there been a more curcial time for you to operate in faith and not fear and to believe for a mighty move of God to take place on this earth!